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Week Ending 10/17/21


Robin Lehner, Golden Knights goaltender, to meet with NHL officials over medical ... - CBS Sports

... to meet with NHL officials over medical malpractice accusations ... Lehner played for the Sabres from the 2015-16 season up until 2018.


MDs urged to better police their own, as health disinformation runs amok - JD Supra

JD Supra

Malpractice remains alive and well. Those who care can cite many causes for this blight in our profession. The frequent targets of a doctor's pointing ...


How a Congressional Defeat Could Translate into a Win for Patients

Managed Healthcare Executive

Medical malpractice reform remains a good place to ferret out savings. Defensive medicine practices, which leads to the ordering of unnecessary diagnostic …


AI will improve healthcare, but doctors and patients need legal ...

Baylor College of Medicine

A plaintiff might then attempt to claim under medical malpractice (suing the physician). The degree of explainability (i.e. human interpretability) varies...

Anatomy of a Lawsuit: Legal Pearls for the Wound Care Provider

General Surgery News

... to speak to patients openly and honestly is an essential skill for a wound care provider and may even protect a provider from medical malpractice.






Eleventh Circuit Finds Attorneys Owed No Duty to be ...

JD Supra

The bankruptcy trustee for the laboratory and its holding company thereafter filed a legal malpractice action against defendant in the United States…


TerraForm sues Orrick, Cleary over $2.4 bln First Wind deal


"This $300 million-plus legal malpractice action arises from the egregiously negligent failure of both Orrick and Cleary to protect the interests of their…


Legal Malpractice Claims Do No Always Require An Expert

JD Supra

The Second District Appellate Court affirmed the circuit court's decision in Bruning & Associates v. Michael Eversman granting summary judgment to a law…